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IESGA = Inland Empire Senior's Golf Association (50 & over years of age)

We'll be at the Spokane Golf Show signing up new members.  If you are new to the area, over 50  and want to talk to someone in the organization, 

Look for us at our booth at The Spokane Convention Center.

February 22-23, 2020 

Our first tournaments are out of town - Clarkston CC on April 20 and Quail Ridge GC on April 21. These tournaments are open to guests of the other gender - so bring your wife, girlfriend, or significant other. Get your entries in by April 11.

Our first in-Spokane tournament is May 6th at Liberty Lake GC. Get this entry in by April 25.

Here are the entry forms to be used for the 2020 season.




(FINAL - PAYOUTS) (2019)

Right here on the home page is where we will always put our most current and important announcements

If you have questions about tee times call chairman John Hanke at 509-434-9988 or email

If you have to cancel out, call Secretary John McColgin at 509-954-3805.

******************************************** 12/20/2019  *********************************

The 10/10/19 IESGA General Membership Meeting Minutes have been posted


******************************************** 12/20/2019  *********************************

The 10/10/19 IESGA Board Minutes have been posted


********************************** 07/10/2019  *******************************************

The IESGA Members over 80 file has been updated 



Here is another video analyzing whether it is better to leave the flagstick in or take it out  when putting.  Leave the pin in or take it out?



Here is an interesting article about the new rule that allows you to leave the flagstick in when putting.  Leave the pin in or take it out?


Members, about 80% of you have requested mid-AM tee times. Very nice, but we are unable to handle everyone in that sort of 2-3 hour "window". We would like to, but obviously can't. So, some of you will find yourself with a tee time earlier or later in the day. Play well!

Also,  please send your entries in on time.  I have to deal with several variables when we do the pairings:  time, partner requests, carpools, players who travel a long distance, and slow players.  If you are late, you will probably not get your choices. 

John Hanke

Tournament Director's Message

There are new USGA rules for 2019 play (Continued in 2020)


You need to spend the time to educate yourself with these new rules

*********************** IMPORTANT ************************** 

 Additionally, the IESGA has adopted two new local rules 

for 2019. (Continued into 2020) It is important that you read 

and study these rules before entering tournaments in 2020.  

We have put some educational pages out on this website  

so you  can learn the 2019 rules


About IESGA (Inland Empire Senior's Golf Association)

IESGA is open to all senior golfers, age 50 & over

16 daily tournaments (Late April  - Early October)
4 out-of-town tournaments (open to ladies) 
12 area course tournaments
$30 Annual Membership
$16 tournament entry fee + course greens fees.

Competitive Tournament Golf

  • Enter one tournament, or all of them, your choice.
  • For each tournament, depending upon your handicap, you'll be placed in 1 of 4 flights. IESGA keeps their own internal handicap for you - based on your best 3 scores out of the last 5 IESGA tournaments. 
  • New for tournament play in 2018 (and continued for 2019) : If you are placed in the 4th flight (typically around 22 to 24 handicap), you will be playing from a set of "forward" tees, making it a slightly easier game for you to play.
  • If you are a new member and you have a GHIN handicap, you can enter IESGA with that handicap.
  • Your basic tournament entry fee enters you into net score competition and KP competition in your flight.
  • In addition, you can enter any of four $5 pots (for your flight); Honey Pot (Low Gross), Gross Skins, Net Skins and Deuce Pot.

Here's the Annual Membership Form