2020 Handicap Chairman's Message

Welcome to the 2020 season

The IESGA has a special formula and program to calculate and maintain a handicap index for all of the IESGA members. 

The scores used to calculate the handicaps are the adjusted scores posted in IESGA tournaments ONLY. An average of the 3 lowest differential scores of the last 5 rounds, adjusted at 96%, are used in determining a members handicap index.

Differential scores are computed by subtracting the adjusted gross score from the USGA Course Rating multiply the difference by 113 then divide the resulting number by the USGA Slope Rating of the course played and round the final number to the nearest tenth.

After every tournament the scores are posted and all handicaps are recalculated with a new handicap index number. Prior to the next tournament, your handicap index number will be converted to a Course Handicap for the course you will be playing.


To insure the integrity of our handicap system all indexes are subject to review and may be adjusted using the following formula.

For all members who have a USGA handicap, the current GHIN index will be obtained for comparison purposes.  For those members without a USGA handicap, a GHIN index will be obtained by taking the 8 lowest of the last 20 rounds (same as USGA) and calculating a GHIN index from those scores for comparison purposes also. 

To insure a fair and level playing field, a 3 stroke variable will be allowed between IESGA and GHIN indexes. No IESGA index will be more than 3 strokes above the current GHIN index or it will be adjusted.  Example:  If your IESGA index is 14.2 and your current GHIN index is 10.5, you are more than 3 strokes over the allowable limit. Your index of 14.2 will be adjusted downward to 13.5 (10.5 + 3).  

Prior to the next tournament all IESGA indexes will be converted to a Course handicap for the course and tee’s being played in that tournament.

All new members will establish an IESGA handicap after playing 3 rounds. If a new member has a verifiable USGA Handicap index, his GHIN number will be used for the first 3 rounds.

If a new member does not have a handicap the Scheid Scoring System will be used for the first 3 rounds. https://www.usga.org/content/dam/usga/pdf/Handicap/handicapping-the-unhandicapped.pdf

All new members must establish an IESGA handicap (minimum 3 rounds) to be eligible to WIN the Club Championship, but everyone may play in either of the two-day tournaments.

New members using the Scheid Scoring System will not be placed in one of the 4 flights and therefore will not be eligible for the closest to the pin award. Your handicap will be calculated after the round using the Scheid System. A formula sheet will be attached to the scorecard to aid in calculating your handicap for that tournament.

IMPORTANT; The IESGA does not have access to the USGA handicap system so all members who carry a GHIN must enter your score and designate it as a tournament score. Do not forget to enter the round to GHIN with your Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) adjusted score.

For 2019,  we are taking advantage of a new local rule that is meant to speed up play and is available to us by the new rules of golf - a hole maximum of 10. 

When you reach a score of 10 while playing any hole, "pick up" and tell your scorer you have reached the hole max limit of 10. That is what the scorer will put down for you and this helps speed up play. 

That score of 10 is probably  going to make you a "non-winner" in all gross and net scoring, at least that is what is expected. However, you can continue on in the tournament and all the rest of your scoring is good for Gross Skins, Net Skins, Deucepot and KP. In fact, a final ESC 18 hole score will even be computed by us for purposes of determining your tournament score and IESGA handicap. 


John Hanke