2019 Tournament Chairman's Message


Welcome to the 2019 season

We will play 16 very enjoyable courses this year. The IESGA Board has decided to play two quality out of the area courses (Palouse Ridge and The Links at Moses Pointe) as part of our regular season format. 

As in the past, two-man pairings will be used, and we will continue our emphasis on improving the speed of play. Our goal is 4 hrs. 20 min. To accomplish this will take the efforts of ALL players. My assistant, Les Barton, and I will try to set the pairings accordingly. The IESGA Board decided that the D Flight would play from the forward tees in 2018 on a trial basis. This approach was very popular and will be continued. 

Each year we suggest that you make yourself aware of any rule changes. Please learn the numerous rule changes for 2019 presented on the main page of our website. Remember that we play by the USGA rules of golf. If you witness a rules infraction, you should call it to the attention of the offending party (even if he is your buddy). We are all responsible for “protecting the field”. 

This is a great organization, and I have enjoyed being a part of it for the past 23 years. If there is anything I can do to improve your experience, please let me know. 

Good Luck!

Tournament & Handicap Chairman

John Hanke 



Enter the 2019 OLD GOAT Competiton

Your IESGA Board of Directors approved the continuation of the Old Goat Cup for 2019. It is modeled after the FedEx Cup competition where points are awarded throughout the year depending on how well you place in each tournament played. 

We had good participation in 2018 with payout to 90 players in the amount of $3,500 over the four flights of A, B, C, and D flights. 

We expect even greater payouts and participation for 2019. Pay outs are based upon the contribution of the participating players. Results of the accumulated points and payouts are posted on the IESGA website.

Points are based on the top 20 players by net score in each flight. The player with the best net score in each flight will get 20 points. The 2nd best net score will get 19 points and so on down to the 20th place, which will get 1 point. Points will be accumulated even if you play in more than one flight. Your final point total will be based on the flight most played, but will also include all points from the other flights played. 

Points will be accumulated for the 12 local Spokane and Inland Empire tournaments. The two-day “over-night” tournaments at the beginning and ending of the IESGA season will not be included because there are a number of members that are not retired and are unable to participate, and there are snow bird members that aren’t here in the spring and fall, and we want to make the competition equitable and available to as many members as possible.

Players will be awarded double points for each of the two tournaments in the two-day club championship.

 If you missed a couple of regular tournaments during the year, points could be made up in the championship play at Avondale and The Links. 

The top 15 competitors, or 25%, whichever is the lesser, in each flight will receive cash payouts at the end of the year. 

There is a one-time entry fee of $25 to participate in this competition and it must be paid on or before June 14, 2019. 

Again, this is a voluntary competition. It is separate from the other tournament games: skins, deuce pot, honey pot, net score, etc.

The idea here is to encourage you to play in as many tournaments as possible, and give you an opportunity to win more money. 

In previous years there were a few people that missed some tournaments and still scored high in points so don't decide to not enter the competition because you might miss a tournament or two.

The entry form is included as part of the 2019 Tournament Entry Forms.