IESGA 2020 President's Message


Message from 2020 President Larry Kincaid


Hello fellow golfers,      

The 2020 golf season is upon us. 

The board has again selected 15 exciting courses for 16 tournaments. As a reminder, you can play as many or as few courses as you desire.      

This is an awesome organization and has been around for over 40 years. The Board again has plans to have a booth at the Spokane 2020 Golf Show. We hope to recruit some more senior golfers who are not even aware that we exist.

This year we will continue with the Old Goat Cup. You have a chance to earn a few more dollars at the end of the season, so sign up.  

We also are continuing with the 4th flight golfers teeing off from the forward tees, since we have had such a positive response on that.   


As a final note, unlike a lot of casual golf that we play with our friends, we play by USGA rules. If you witness a rules violation, talk to your fellow playing partner and if you cannot resolve the issue, please notify any Board member. We have to remember the phrase “protect the field”.  


Have a great season, your 2020 IESGA President, 

Larry Kincaid
Home, 509-922-5117