IESGA 2019 President's Message


Message from 2019 President Jack Lawson

2019 brings us some new and revised golf rules that affect our tournament play. 

John Hanke, Doug Kearsley and Jerry Hopkins, got together and came up with easy-to-understand rules that you can find on the IESGA website. There are specific rules that effect how the IESGA will play out-of-bounds and lost balls. We will also be sending out a new rules sheet in our mass mailing that goes out in March. Any questions should be directed to our Tournament Director, John Hanke.

Several Officers and Board Members heard from C Flight players in 2018 that they preferred to play our tournament golf from the forward tees, like the D Flights players were doing. In the Board meeting prior to the annual banquet/meeting, the Board decided to allow C Flight players to play from the forward tees in 2019 on a trial basis. When I announced that decision during the annual meeting, there was significant push-back from C Flight players. So, in an email board meeting, it was decided to table this for 2019 tournament play, and during the year we will request input from all of our C Flight  players as to their preference. 

C Flight players can let their preference be known by emailing us at, or talking with any Officer or Board member throughout the season.  We will make a decision based on the C Flight player's majority preference at the end of the season, that will take effect for the 2020 season. 

For those without computers and not having access to the IESGA website, this message will also go out in the March mass mailing.

Thank you and hit ‘em straight!

Your fellow golfer, 

Jack Lawson, IESGA President